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Via Filarete 10
Reggio Emilia (RE)

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Labdue is formed by a team of people with diverse yet fully integrated skills and abilities offering different kinds of services focused architectural visualization.
Our team includes 3D artists, stylists, filmmakers, music composers, graphic&web designers with one thing in common: a shared passion.

3D images are an effective alternative to traditional photography: they allow to create extremely realistic product presentations or a setting simulation, with significant advantages, compared to a real photo shoot, in terms of speed, flexibility and costs.

The rendering process does not require setting preparation and allows you to simply create an environment based on a technical drawing or a concept draft; you can easily switch to a different photo framing, compare materials and finishes and display the results of your changes before making them permanent.
Details retain the highest sharpness.

During the 3D image creation process we take great care looking for imperfection. This is what makes the difference between a perfect yet soulless virtual image and real photography portraying reality with its strengths and weaknesses.

Focus: architecture

  • interiors and outdoor settings
  • furnished house plans
  • landscaping and gardens
  • images for environmental impact assessment

Each scene is enhanced, made more effective and exciting, with a sought contribution of styling. All furniture, objects, finishes, colors are carefully chosen to enhance the product and create the mood and atmosphere best suiting the brand and marketing targets.

We offer not only rendered images but all that is required to create a refreshing and effective presentation:

> virtual tours e 3D animations

> original sound tracks

> short movies

> brochures

> web designs